Our Story

Our story began a commute away in Birmingham, Alabama. A church with the median age of 65 faced a crisis that was overwhelming. The torch of her legacy had been dimming since 1976 when the church reached its largest attendance and began a 30 year decline. The Eastern Birmingham community had changed, but the mission remained.

Twenty-one brave men and women, many of them in their 70s and 80s, yet young in their spirits, began to pray: "God give us a vision to reach the next generation." Be careful when you ask God to give you something to do! He just might! Many everyday people invested their time, energy and finances into a community that they had never seen....here's what happened....

In an act of selfless faith, South Roebuck Baptist Church sent out 16 people . . . the youngest and the brightest. These men and women, along with their families would begin meeting in an elementary school "cafetorium" in Odenville, Alabama. This became the launching pad for North Valley Church. The lives of many would never be the same!

Deciding from the outset, "We can't do everything at once AND have focused intensity. Let's keep church simple and excellent." North Valley Church began serving the community and worshiping our Faithful God. Likewise, North Valley Church decided to remain connected to South Roebuck Baptist Church. The wisdom and legacy of South Roebuck Baptist Church infuses the youth and creativity of North Valley Church. The two "sister campuses" of one church family stand as a dynamic, living example of how a church can reach beyond her walls and make a difference!

The North Valley Church campus is located on 30 acres of land in the center of Margaret, Alabama. From the very beginning, NVC decided to be the spiritual center of the community. Everyday, it seems, lives are being challenged, changed and transformed at North Valley Church. The facility is shared at least six days per week by the Early Learning Center (a high-quality full-day program for preschool children), the School Program (Before/After school activity & tutoring for elementary age children) and by the community for a variety of functions (Boy Scouts, local government, community service, etc.). Kids play on the North Valley Church playground every day. Homes around the area are outposts for Community Groups (small groups of people who meet for Bible study).

No, North Valley isn't a church that will meet everyone's expectations. (We don't have an organ, steeple, or a fancy foyer.) But, that's a good thing. North Valley was planted to be a church "for the rest of us."

Our mission is to lead people toward connection with God and community with other believers. We firmly believe you must have God AND people in your life in order to find peace and fulfillment.

In 2006, I sold my house and moved to St. Clair County. My family believed that God wanted us to start a church in Margaret, Alabama. Most people had one question, “Where is Margaret?” God planted us in the heart of a growing community to represent Jesus Christ. Since our beginning, we have seen God do incredible things. We opened North Valley Church before Margaret Elementary School was built. We represent God’s future for our community! It is our vision to be a spiritual center of our growing region: Margaret, Argo, Odenville, Moody, Ashville, Springville, Trussville, and beyond. – Pastor Chris